Thanks for being a member of the DhakDhak community! DhakDhak’s mission is to provide a service that is suitable for all types of users, that values freedom of expression and the acceptance of a diverse range of ideas and opinions, and that enables its users to “share, create and connect” in a lawful, safe, inclusive, and supportive manner.

DhakDhak has established these Community Guidelines to help it fulfill this mission and to set forth certain activity and types of content that users are prohibited from engaging in and/or uploading to the service in order to ensure that DhakDhak remains a safe, friendly, and a fun place to create amazing and original content.

DhakDhak reserves the right to remove certain content from the service and/or take additional actions against users of the service who violate these Community Guidelines, including the right to monitor and report violations of these Community Guidelines to the applicable authorities. The consequences for violating these Community Guidelines depend on various factors, including, but not limited to, the nature and the severity of the violation and any other aggravating or relevant factors.

These Community Guidelines supplement the DhakDhak Terms of Service, which are incorporated by reference herein. For more information please visit the Terms of Service.

If you would like to report a violation of these Community Guidelines to DhakDhak, please email

Bullying, Harassment or Threats

DhakDhak strictly prohibits abusive behaviour that is intended to harass, bully, intimidate, threaten, or degrade other users either on or off the platform. Bullying and harassment include a wide variety of unwanted type of behaviour and conduct. This includes, without limitation, making unwanted malicious contact with another user, threatening another user, or intending to inflict harm or distress on another user, including physical, psychological, or social harm. Hence, kindly do not:

Content that relates to bullying and harassment is allowed if it serves an educational, documentary, scientific, artistic, or activist purpose, such as posting content that brings awareness to the effects of cyberbullying or harassment by using actual or simulated examples as an illustration or that is artistic or comedic in nature.

Hate Speech and Depictions of Hateful Conduct

DhakDhak prohibits any content or behaviour that promotes violence, hatred, discrimination, or denigration on another person or group of people on the basis of race, colour, ethnicity, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, disabilities, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or diseases. We define people or a group of people with any of those attributes as a member or members of a “protected class”. Hence, kindly do not:

Sexually Explicit Content

DhakDhak restricts content containing nudity and adult content. We define nudity as full or partial nudity, including close-ups of genitals, buttocks, or breasts (excluding content related to breastfeeding). We also restrict any content that includes any sexual intercourse, simulated sexual acts, and other sexual activities. Hence, kindly do not:

Violent and Graphic Content and Illegal Activities

DhakDhak does not allow content that is excessively gruesome, shocking or contains or promotes illegal activities. In certain circumstances, we allow graphic content to be displayed within our platform to bring awareness about the issue. Hence, kindly do not:

In certain cases, violent or graphic material is allowed where it serves an educational, documentary, scientific, artistic, or activist purpose, such as posting content that shows the harm of police brutality, sharing personal stories of a person’s self-harm to educate others about mental health issues and suicide prevention, or displaying staged or organized martial arts fighting.

Safety of Minors

DhakDhak has a zero-tolerance policy regarding content or conduct that endangers the safety of minors (anyone younger than 18 years old). Any content which contains or promotes child sexual exploitation or otherwise engagers children will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Hence, kindly do not:

This includes images that have been adapted or modified to make it appear that a minor under the age of 18 is engaged in such conduct.

Misleading Information, Impersonation and Spam

While DhakDhak encourages its users to express themselves freely, we prohibit any information that is intentionally misleading or done with malice that may present harm to the other users and the public. Hence, kindly do not:

Unauthorized Sharing of Private Information

DhakDhak respects the privacy of not only your account but other individuals as well. For that reason, we prohibit our users from revealing or exposing someone’s private information without their consent or violating someone’s privacy. Hence, kindly do not:

Misleading Metadata

Metadata refers to any and all additional information provided on an item of content uploaded to the service, such as the title, description, tags, annotations, copyright information, thumbnail, author/owner attribution, etc. Hence, kindly do not:

Infringing Content

Don't post content or interact with other members of the Community in a way that infringes the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others. Only post your own content or content that you have permission to use.

Last but not the least, be sure to follow all relevant laws and regulations!